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Daily English 838 - Talking About Immigration

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Ann: The immigration policy in this country is ridiculous. Why are there so many illegal immigrants here? They cross the border and take American jobs! They all need to be deported.

Chris: A lot of immigrants have lived here nearly all their lives. Do you mean to tell me that you want to do some of the jobs that undocumented workers do, like picking crops and cleaning houses, and not earning minimum wage?

Ann: There’s nothing wrong with that kind of work. I wouldn’t want to do it myself...

Chris: That’s just it! You’re willing to benefit from cheap labor, but you keep complaining about immigrants. There needs to be an amnesty or work permit program so that they can stay legally and work.

Ann: And pay their taxes! These illegal immigrants dodge paying taxes, too.

Chris: But they don’t get the same social services that citizens or legal immigrants do. You can’t have it both ways. If you want them to do what citizens are required to do, then you have to give them legal status. And, by the way, when is your visitor’s visa up?

Ann: It was up last month, but I’m from Canada! Overstaying a visa is not the same thing as being an illegal alien.

Chris: That’s where you’re wrong. Where’s that number for immigration?

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