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Daily English 839 - Getting a Divorce

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Nicole: I’m really sorry to hear about you and Catherine getting a divorce.

Tom: I appreciate it, but it was a long time coming. We’ve been heading toward divorce for years. I just hope it doesn’t get too messy.

Nicole: I don’t mean to pry, but didn’t the two of you have a prenup?

Tom: Yeah, but Catherine wants it set aside because our financial situation has changed so much since we got married. She also wants sole custody of Sarah, alimony, and child support.

Nicole: We live in a community property state, so that should simplify things, shouldn’t it?

Tom: You’d think so, but the distribution of property may get complicated. I’m hoping we can settle everything amicably, but I’m ready for a fight, if it turns ugly. I’ve hired Dewey Cheatum.

Nicole: Wow, you’re serious. He’s the most high-powered divorce attorney in this city.

Tom: I’m not taking any chances with my assets or my daughter. If Catherine wants to play hardball, I’m coming out swinging!

Category: Relationships + Family