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Daily English 842 - Taking a Standardized Test

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Dad: It’s time you start preparing for the MCFL Test.

Maria: Dad, that’s 12 months away! I don’t need to start looking at test prep materials right now.

Dad: Yes, you do. Like all high-stakes testing, familiarity with the types of questions you’ll be asked will help you. You need to score well on it if you want to be admitted to a good university. The MCFL is only administered twice each year, so you’d better be prepared when the time comes.

Maria: I don’t really believe in standardized tests. Our teacher says that they don’t really measure how well you’ll do in college or in life.

Dad: It doesn’t matter what you – or your teacher – believe. Colleges consider test scores in admissions and that’s what’s important. Let’s start with some tips on answering multiple choice and true-false questions.

Maria: I know all about taking standardized tests, Dad. I’ve been taking them every year at school and I’m sick of them. Put your name here. Bubble in your answer there. I’m sick to death of those tests.

Dad: Then you’ll feel perfectly comfortable taking this one.

Maria: Why can’t they give us open-ended or essay questions? I’d do much better on those.

Dad: Bite your tongue! Those would be much more difficult to study for. Ready for question number one?

Maria: As ready as I’ll ever be.

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