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Daily English 846 - Donating Blood

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Michelle: Did you hurt yourself?

Gabriel: No, why?

Michelle: You have a Band-Aid on your arm.

Gabriel: Oh, that. I donated blood today.

Michelle: You did? That’s great. I’d like to donate blood, but every time I get close to a needle, I feel light-headed. I’m afraid if I go through with it, and they actually draw blood, I’ll faint.

Gabriel: I’m use to it. I give blood all the time. The needle doesn’t bother me.

Michelle: That’s very admirable. I know how important it is for hospitals to have a good supply of blood for use in transfusions.

Gabriel: I don’t mind doing it. It’s not a big deal.

Michelle: But it is a big deal. If relief organizations didn’t have enough blood when they traveled to disaster areas, they couldn’t help the injured people there. I’m sure that’s why you do it, right?

Gabriel: Well...

Michelle: Well, what?

Gabriel: There is a particularly pretty nurse who works in the bloodmobile...

Michelle: Ah.

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