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Daily English 85 - The Blind Date

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I broke up with my boyfriend last month. We had gone out for a year and I was ready to settle down. But, I could tell that he still wanted to play the field before getting married. I don't think Don ever cheated on me, but I finally realized that he wasn't the marrying type.

My friend Sheila was thrilled to hear that we had split up. She never liked Don and she was anxious to set me up with some of her single friends. I told her that I didn't want to go on any blind dates. But, she kept telling me about this guy Alan. She thought he was my soul mate and she was sure that he would be my Mr. Right. According to Sheila, he was good looking, he had a good sense of humor, he was bright and witty, and was kind and considerate. In the end, I told Shiela to give him my number. He called and we agreed to meet for coffee.

I walked into the cafe and looked around. I saw a nice looking guy sitting by himself near the window.

Lucy: Hi, are you Alan?

Alan: Yeah. You must be Lucy.

Lucy: Did you have trouble finding the cafe

Alan: No, I've actually been here before. I'm really glad you could make it. Sheila has been telling me all about you.

Lucy: Well, Sheila likes to play matchmaker. But, it's nice to meet you, too.

Alan: To tell the truth, I'm not big on blind dates.

Lucy: Yeah, me neither. But, I'm glad I came.

Alan: Yes, so am I.

Category: Relationships + Family

Man: I'll give you both of them for $55.

Lucy: That's not much of a break on the price. How about $50 for both?

Man: You drive a hard bargain. The best I can do is $54. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else.

Lucy: Why don't we split the difference and make it $52?

Man: Okay, okay. You've got a deal.

Category: Money | Shopping