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Daily English 854 - Singing Christmas Carols

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Andrea: What are you doing?

Stephanie: I’m coming up with a list of Christmas carols to sing when we go caroling.

Andrea: Can I come?

Stephanie: Uh, I don’t think...

Andrea: What? You don’t think I can sing in tune?

Stephanie: No, it’s not that...

Andrea: You think I’m going to forget the lyrics?

Stephanie: No, it’s not that either...

Andrea: I know what it is. You think I’m too good. I’ll outshine the other singers. Don’t worry. I don’t mind hiding my light under a bushel, just this once.

Stephanie: Well, it’s not that either. I just don’t think you’re a good fit for our group.

Andrea: Not a good fit? I’m very knowledgeable about music and know all of the traditional carols. I’ve even composed some original ones that you might consider adding to your list.

Stephanie: I know you’re very knowledgeable about music, but in our group, it’s all about the singing voice.

Andrea: What’s wrong with my singing voice? Listen to this [sung loudly and poorly]: “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...”

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