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Daily English 855 - Learning Fire Safety

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The apartment manager asked all of the tenants to come to a short meeting to learn about fire safety. I didn’t want to go, but the manager said that there would be free food, and who am I to turn down free pizza?

Apartment manager: Thank you all for coming to this meeting about fire safety. With the rash of fires in this neighborhood recently, it seemed like a good idea to talk about fire safety with all of you.

I want to make sure we comply with the fire code, so I’ve installed new smoke alarms or replaced the batteries in the older ones in each apartment and in the hallways. The fire escapes are in good condition and there are fire extinguishers in each hallway.
Your job is to keep the inside of your apartments safe. Keep flammable items away from the fireplace and don’t overload your electrical outlets. Any questions? If not, we’re ready for a fire drill.

Nobody told me there would be fire drill. I’m guess I’m ready to stop, drop, and roll – as long as I can take the pizza with me.

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