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Daily English 858 - Donating an Organ

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Christine: What is this sticker on your driver’s license?

Saul: This sticker? It indicates that I’ve signed up for the organ donation program. If anything bad happens to me, I want my organs to go to recipients who need them.

Christine: You mean you want somebody else to have your heart, liver...

Saul: ...eyes, kidneys, or anything else that can be transplanted into someone else. Don’t you want to donate your organs?

Christine: Me? No way. I’ll never consent to doctors cutting up my body after I die. Those organs are a part of me.

Saul: But you won’t need them when you’re dead, and there are long waiting lists at eye banks and organ registries. Your organ donation might be the difference between life and death for somebody, you know.

Christine: That might be true, but I can’t imagine somebody else walking around with my brain.

Saul: Hmm, come to think of it, me neither.

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