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Daily English 863 - Limiting Free Speech

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Toshi: You can’t go outside looking like that! What are you thinking?

Celeste: I’m exercising my right of free speech. I’ve put on these clothes and painted my body this way to protest the treatment of women. I want to send a message.

Toshi: You’re crazy if you think people are going to take you seriously. What you’re wearing is offensive and those messages painted on your body are hate speech.

Celeste: It’s my basic human right to a freedom of expression, and this is how I choose to express myself.

Toshi: There are limits to free speech and expression, and you’ve crossed the line. In fact, you’re abusing those rights. Obscenity and hate speech aren’t protected, you know.

Celeste: If you feel so strongly about it, I have a suggestion for you.

Toshi: What?

Celeste: You can express your free speech by protesting against me. After all, it’s your inalienable right.

Toshi: I’m not wasting my time. Hey, you’re not really going outside looking like that, are you?

Celeste: You know what they say: The medium is the message. And I’m sending my message loud and clear!

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