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Daily English 869 - Touring Celebrity Homes and Filming Locations

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Tour guide: Welcome to Hollywood Tours, everybody. I’m your tour guide for today, and I’ll be showing you some of the most memorable locations in Hollywood history. Every seat in this double-decker bus is a good one, and you’ll be able to see every landmark we drive by. Uh, do you have a question?

Elvira: Yes, I do. When do we see the celebrities? I want to get my picture taken with a real Hollywood star!

Tour guide: Well, we’ll be stopping at some celebrity homes and it’s possible that we’ll catch a glimpse of a celebrity. I’ll also be taking you to some filming locations where classic and well-known movies were filmed on location.

Elvira: Yes, but can we go to some celebrity hangouts? I really want to meet Johnny Depp.

Tour guide: I’m not sure...

Elvira: If I saw a Johnny Depp or any celebrity walking down the street, I would just go crazy! For sure I’d chase them down!

Tour guide: This isn’t a hop-on, hop-off bus and it would be really dangerous to run out into L.A. traffic.

Elvira: Oh, what’s a little danger if I can come face to face with a real life movie star?

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