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Daily English 871 - Listening to Club Music

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Anastasia: This is the best club in the city. Grace brought me here last month. You’re going to love it.

Joshua: What?!

Anastasia: You’re going to love this club. It has the best DJ in town. She spins the best mixes.

Joshua: Did you say you’re going to get us some mixed drinks?

Anastasia: No, I said that this DJ is great. She plays music that gets people pumped up. Oh, I love this song. It samples from two of my favorite songs and it’s my favorite track on this CD.

Joshua: Did you say that you want to buy this CD?

Anastasia: No, I said I like this song. It’s got a pounding beat and I can really feel the music. I love dancing to it. Do you want to get out onto the dance floor?

Joshua: Let’s wait until she segues into something mellower. I don’t really like dancing to this kind of club music.

Anastasia: What?! You love club music? That’s great. Let’s go dance!

Joshua: I think I’ll sit this one out. Don’t you think that the volume is a little loud in here?

Anastasia: What?! You want the music to be louder? I’ll go ask the DJ to turn it up.

Joshua: No!

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