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Daily English 887 - A Destructive Storm

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Allen: Are you all right?

Monica: Yes, we’re fine, but that blizzard really caught us off guard, especially this time of year. Have you seen the news?

Allen: I just watched it. Overnight, the storm felled over 30 trees in and around the town and toppled utility lines. City officials are saying that some residents may not get their electricity restored until the weekend.

Monica: That’s terrible, especially with these unseasonably cold temperatures. I heard the ferocious storm last night, but I didn’t expect that homes would actually be in danger of washing away.

Allen: I don’t know if any will actually be washed away unless we continue to get steady rain and snow, but those downed trees wrecked plenty of homes. It’ll take months for us to fully recover from this storm.

Monica: They’re calling it “The Storm of the Century.”

Allen: Well, if we just get one of these storms this century, then that’s more than enough!

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