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Daily English 890 - Enjoying Nature

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Charles: This is what I call the great outdoors. Look at that stunning view!

Rachel: This is truly jaw-dropping. We’re in the middle of one of the most pristine areas of the world where wildlife lives in its natural habitat.

Charles: It’s almost like living in the middle of the wilderness, isn’t it? I bet those ponds and forests have amazing biodiversity.

Rachel: It is beautiful, and it’s great to be away from all of the pollution of the city. I’ve never seen foliage like this. This is truly a majestic landscape.

Charles: You really can’t appreciate the outdoors until you come to a place like this.

Rachel: You’re right. I feel like I’m at one with nature here.

Charles: Should we leave the hotel and go for a walk?

Rachel: A walk? Why? We have the best view of nature right here. We don’t want to spoil the effect by getting too close.

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