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Daily English 895 - Government Reactions to Protests

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Tom: Have you seen the news?

Marianne: No, what’s happening?

Tom: People in McQuillanland are rising up against the dictator and rallying against his government.

Marianne: Wow, this is big. I thought the dictator would order a media blackout and we wouldn’t hear any news out of McQuillanland.

Tom: There is a media blackout, but people are using social media to tell the world what’s going on. Hundreds of thousands of protesters are clashing with police, and the government is having no success putting down the protests.

Marianne: Has it been violent?

Tom: It’s early days yet, but the government has already used tear gas and fired into the crowd. It’s hard to say how many people have been hurt.

Marianne: So this may be the end of tyranny in McQuillanland.

Tom: Don’t bet on it. The dictator has ruled with an iron fist and won’t hesitate to use any means necessary to stay in power.

Marianne: Well, the protesters have a fighting chance and I’m betting that they’ll topple the government and that ruthless tyrant!

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