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Daily English 898 - People of Different Ages

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Gloria: I’m surprised at the variety of people on this tour.

Andy: Oh, yeah? I hadn’t noticed.

Gloria: Well, we’ll be spending the next two weeks with these people so I thought I’d get to know some of them.

Andy: That’s nice.

Gloria: Did you see that thirty-something couple with a toddler and an infant? I’m really surprised they’re on this tour.

Andy: I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

Gloria: And how about that group of seniors? Some of them look like they’re in the mid- to late-seventies.

Andy: They seem pretty spry to me.

Gloria: But what really surprises me is that group of middle-aged couples with their tween and teenage children. They’ll be a handful.

Andy: They seemed pretty well behaved to me.

Gloria: And did you notice that woman in her early-forties and the forty-ish man each traveling alone? She seemed nice, but he didn’t seem too friendly.

Andy: Maybe he’s using his time to size up everybody like you are.

Gloria: Well, I wish there were more young adults in this group. I like talking to young people.

Andy: I think there will be plenty of people for you to talk to these two weeks when you’re not sightseeing.

Gloria: Sightseeing? Oh yeah, sightseeing.

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