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Daily English 90 - Room Service

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I was staying at a nice resort hotel in Arizona on a short vacation. I had been out on the golf course playing a round of golf. When I got back into the room, I was feeling pretty hungry. I was meeting some friends for a late dinner around 8:30. I wanted a snack. I took a look at the room service menu and called their number.

Woman: Room service. What would you like to order?

Jeff: Hi, I'm in room 1201 and I'd like an order of the calamari and a slice of cheesecake.

Woman: Do you want the calamari appetizer or the entree?

Jeff: I'd like the appetizer.

Woman: Anything to drink?

Jeff: A diet Coke. About how long will that take?

Woman: It'll be about 30 minutes.

Jeff: Okay. Thanks.

There was a knock on my door about a half hour later.

Jeff: Who is it?

Woman: Room service...Hi, where would you like me to put the tray?

Jeff: On the desk would be fine.

Woman: The total is $16.75.

Jeff: Oh, that's higher than I'd expected.

Woman: There's a 12% service charge for room service and there's also the usual food tax.

Jeff: Oh, I see. Can I charge it to the room?

Woman: Sure. Just fill in the total here, write in your room number, and sign at the bottom.

Jeff: Okay, there you go. Thanks.

Woman: Thank you and have a nice day.

The calamari and the cheesecake really hit the spot.

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