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Daily English 901 - Participating in a Clinical Trial

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Lucinda: You look tired. Are you all right?

Elan: I’m fine. It’s this clinical trial I’m enrolled in. I’m suffering from some side effects.

Lucinda: Are they serious?

Elan: No, they’re not too bad. I was told to expect some adverse reactions in the first weeks of the pilot study. I guess that’s why only a small group of volunteers is taking part right now. It’s so they can judge the drug’s effectiveness before the pharmaceutical company does a large-scale trial.

Lucinda: At least you know you’re not in the group getting a placebo.

Elan: Who knows? I hope not. If I successfully get through this first phase, I’ll get a full dose of the drug in phase two.

Lucinda: Then you may once and for all be rid of Podcaster’s Disease.

Elan: I really hope so. No one should go through life sounding like a podcaster.

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