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Daily English 903 - Listening to a Traffic Report

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:14
Explanation begins at: 3:31
Normal Speed begins at: 18:03

Every afternoon before I leave work, I listen to the traffic report to see if I should take my usual route home or make a detour. So today, like every day, I turned on my radio.

“It’s a tough commute today if you’re traveling on I-35 north. There’s a major slowdown due to an overturned big rig that’s blocking the number two lane.”

Oh no. That meant that I had to take the 40W instead.

“If you’re traveling on the 40W, you’ll find a lot of congestion. It’s down to one lane because of a pileup. Emergency vehicles are responding.”

Wow, that meant I might have to take surface streets all the way home.

“And if you’re thinking of taking Broadway Boulevard west from downtown, think again. There is a stalled vehicle blocking the right lane and construction all the way to Main Street.”

Well, I was in a no-win situation. Do I want to spend two hours in gridlock or two more hours at work?

Category: Transportation