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Daily English 905 - Getting a Marriage License

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Yves: Help me fill out this application for our marriage license.

Vanessa: Can’t you do it? I’m really busy with work right now. Do as much as you can and just ask me if you don’t know something.

Yves: Okay, I’ll try, but I’m reading through the requirements, and it’s a good idea for both of us to know what they are.

Vanessa: Okay, then just read them out loud to me.

Yves: All right. We need to bring identification and it’s best to bring our birth certificates, just in case. We don’t need blood tests and there’s no waiting period in this state. Are you listening?

Vanessa: To every word. Go on.

Yves: For people who have been married before, they’ll have to bring proof of divorce, death, or annulment. Okay, since you’ve been married before, you’ll need to bring a copy of your final divorce decree. Did you hear that?

Vanessa: Yeah, yeah.

Yves: We can choose any qualified officiant and the marriage license is valid for 90 days – that’s 90 days to get married and have the marriage recorded. We only have 90 days after we get the license to get married, got that?

Vanessa: Sure, 90 days. No problem.

Yves: I’m starting to wonder. If you don’t have time to fill out our marriage license application, how will you make time for our wedding?

Vanessa: What? I’m really busy right now. Let’s talk about it later.

Yves: Is it just me, or does this conversation not bode well for our future marriage?

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