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Daily English 907 - Buying Tools at a Hardware Store

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Chuck: Just remember that we have a lot to accomplish today, so let’s just get what we need and go, okay?

Ayaka: Sure, we just need a few tools for our DIY project. The power tools are over there.

Chuck: Whoa, we’re not getting power tools. We just need a few simple hand tools: a hammer, a wrench, a chisel, some pliers – and maybe an extra screwdriver or two.

Ayaka: We would get the job done so much more quickly if we had power tools. Instead of a hammer, we should get a nail gun. We also need a power drill, and hey, a sander and a table saw.

Chuck: A table saw?! We’re doing some simple repairs, not remodeling our house.

Ayaka: You never know when you need a good saw and I’ve always wanted a table saw.

Chuck: Other women want clothes and jewelry, and you want power tools?

Ayaka: That right. You should be counting your lucky stars!

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