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Daily English 91 - Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful, but for a lot of people, the holiday also means a weekend of eating a lot and watching football. And, my family is no exception.

My family likes to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner each year. We invite people from our extended family. We also invite close friends, especially those who don't have family in town. When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, our motto is: The more the merrier.

Our dinner, of course, starts with a big turkey, baked in the oven. I always carve it before it's served. Then, we have the fixings. We always have mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, cranberries, and corn on the cob. Some years, we go wild and have other vegetables and sides. And, for dessert, we have pumpkin pie. My wife is not a big fan of pumpkin pie so for her, we also have ice cream.

After we have a really big meal, we usually watch football on TV. Things usually get pretty rowdy since there are always fans on both sides rooting for their own team to win. Last year, my uncle almost got into a fistfight with my nephew. Luckily, no one‚ and no furniture harmed. That was a relief!

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