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Daily English 921 - Describing Chance and Probability

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Raul: What are the chances that Rob will be here on time?

Tiffany: I’d say it’s fifty-fifty. You never know. He might surprise us and be early.

Raul: Fat chance of that happening. I’ve known him for three years and if I had to stake my life on whether he’ll arrive early or not, I’d be in big trouble.

Tiffany: Don’t exaggerate. Rob isn’t completely irresponsible. I’d say there’s a pretty good probability that he’ll be here when he said he would, especially after he promised.

Raul: His intentions are good, but he loses track of time and doesn’t know what day it is half the time.

Tiffany: He told me that he’s trying to change.

Raul: Well, as I said, his intentions are good. He just needs to work on his follow-through.

Tiffany: Come on, he could be on his way right now.

Raul: Don’t hold your breath. I’ll believe his promises when hell freezes over.

Tiffany: Aren’t you being just a wee bit cynical?

Raul: And aren’t you just indulging in wishful thinking?

Tiffany: Hey, I think that’s him coming down the road! I think you’d better eat your words.

Raul: And I think you’d better get glasses.

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