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Daily English 938 - Learning to Ride the Subway

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:09
Explanation begins at: 3:11
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Donny: Come on, we need to buy our subway tickets at that ticket machine.

Cayla: Why can’t we just get them at the ticket window? I’m not sure what the fare is.

Donny: There’s a long line and we need to catch a train right now.

Cayla: I’ve never taken the subway before. I don’t know how it works.

Donny: Just follow me. Here, take this card and walk through the turnstile. Put your card in this slot and then retrieve it as you pass through.

Cayla: Okay, now where do we go?

Donny: Let’s look at this subway map showing all of the lines. That’s the station we want.

Cayla: Don’t we need to get transfers?

Donny: We don’t need transfers to take connecting trains. Let’s see, we want the express, not the local train...

Cayla: Are you sure we shouldn’t just ask somebody, like a station agent?

Donny: Good luck finding one. And plus, I don’t need one. I can figure it out. Follow me. I think that’s the right platform.

Cayla: Are you sure that’s the right train?

Donny: Yes, and if you ask me another question, you can continue this conversation with those tracks!

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