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Daily English 939 - Planning a Wedding

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Seamus: What’s that?

Cathy: It’s a planning book for our wedding.

Seamus: We aren’t getting married for a year and a half.

Cathy: I know, but there are so many things to plan. We have to book the hall far in advance, you know, and once we set the date, we have to send out save-the-date notifications to our friends and family.

Seamus: I thought that the point of putting off the wedding until we finish school is to take the pressure off and allow us time to plan – later.

Cathy: It is, but it’s never too early to start planning for a wedding. I’m meeting with a wedding coordinator next week to get the ball rolling.

Seamus: A wedding coordinator?! We don’t need a wedding coordinator. We can make all of the arrangements ourselves.

Cathy: You have no idea what goes into pulling off a wedding and reception. There are caterers, photographers and videographers, entertainers, ice sculptors, animal trainers (you know, for the swans and the doves), and...

Seamus: Are you serious?! You’re not planning a wedding. You’re starting a circus!

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