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Daily English 949 - Dealing With a Contagious Disease

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Isabelle: You can’t walk through that door with all of your clothes on!

Linus: What?! I’ve just come off of a 12-hour flight. I’m tired and I want to get into my own house and into my own bed.

Isabelle: I know, but you’ve just returned from McQuillanland and I’ve just read that anyone who has been there may be a carrier of a communicable disease called Niebola. It can be transmitted through casual contact, so even if you don’t have it, you could spread it.

Linus: So what am I supposed to do? Stand out here for the rest of my life?

Isabelle: Of course not. Take off your clothes.

Linus: You want me to take off my clothes in front of the house? Are you crazy?!

Isabelle: No, the best way to prevent the spread of this infectious disease is to burn clothing that has been in contact with it, and to bathe you thoroughly.

Linus: I’m not stripping down to my underwear out here.

Isabelle: But aren’t you worried about transmitting Niebola to me and everyone you know? No one is immune. You could start an epidemic!

Linus: All right, but I’m going around to the back door where no one can see me, okay?

Isabelle: Great! I’ll get your bath ready. I just have to heat the mayonnaise.

Linus: What?! You want me to take a bath in mayonnaise?

Isabelle: That’s the only way to kill Niebola.

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