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Daily English 950 - Visiting a Construction Site

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Bill: Ma’am! ma’am!

Estelle: Yes?

Bill: Ma’am, you’re not supposed to be here. This is a construction site and you’re not allowed. Please don’t step on that scaffolding. It’s dangerous.

Estelle: Oh, I just wanted a quick look to see how the building is coming along. Look at all this lumber and brick. The foundation is already done and the beams and rafters are going up. This is so exciting!

Bill: Ma’am, this is a dangerous area, especially for someone not wearing a hard hat.

Estelle: I won’t stay very long. I just wanted to see the progress.

Bill: Watch out!

Estelle: Oh, I almost tripped over these pickaxes and shovels and landed in the wheelbarrow. Thank you for saving me.

Bill: You’re welcome. Now let me escort you off the site.

Estelle: But I wanted to see that bulldozer and crane over there.

Bill: You can see them just fine from the street. And from the street you won’t be my responsibility!

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