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Daily English 951 - Parts of a Hospital

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Jordan: Excuse me, my girlfriend was brought into the hospital about two hours ago, but I can’t find her.

Admissions Clerk: Why was she brought into the hospital?

Jordan: I’m not sure. I got a call from her coworker, but she didn’t give me any details.

Admissions Clerk: If it weren’t an accident, then she wouldn’t be in the emergency room or the trauma unit.

Jordan: It may have been her heart. She has a heart condition.

Admissions Clerk: Then she might be in the cardiology department. If she is in severe condition, she’ll be in the ICU.

Jordan: It may also be the baby. She’s pregnant.

Admissions Clerk: Then she might be in the obstetrics and gynecology department. And if the baby has been born, it would be in the neonatal unit.

Jordan: I’m just not sure where to go. Maybe I’ll start in the cardiology department.

Admissions Clerk: That’s fine. Go past the neurology and oncology departments and it’s on your right. If you see the burn unit, then you’ve gone too far.

Jordan: You can’t look her up for me to see if she’s been admitted?

Admissions Clerk: I’m sorry, but our computer systems are down right now. If you wait until they’re up again, I can try to find her for you.

Jordan: And go out of my mind worrying? No thanks. I’m going to find her, even if I have to look behind every bedpan!

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