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Daily English 958 - Selecting a Neighborhood to Live In

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Leona: I want to live close to downtown. We can get everywhere on foot and walk to most amenities.

Jeremy: Downtown is always bustling and noisy, and the crime rate is really high. I’d rather have proximity to parks and open spaces.

Leona: If we lived downtown, we wouldn’t have to worry about commute time and traffic. I could walk to work and you could take public transportation.

Jeremy: That’s true, but there aren’t any good schools near downtown.

Leona: Hello, we don’t have any kids.

Jeremy: Not yet. I want to settle down somewhere for a while, not move every couple of years.

Leona: Is that why you want to live in the suburbs? The suburbs have no character. Everything is cookie-cutter.

Jeremy: That’s not true.

Leona: Downtown has character and it’s close to nightlife.

Jeremy: That’s less important to me than a place in a quiet neighborhood. Imagine lounging in the backyard or taking a walk in the park. We can raise our kids in a close-knit community.

Leona: I think you’re planning for a family that we don’t have.

Jeremy: Yet!

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