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Daily English 963 - Admiring a Baby

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Maya: Isn’t this baby precious? She is just darling. Coo chi coo.

Jean-Paul: Why do women fawn over babies? One baby looks pretty much like any other.

Maya: You wouldn’t say that if you’d ever spent time with babies. Come over here and look at this one. She’s a doll and her face is so expressive. Aren’t you a little doll? Aren’t you?

Jean-Paul: I’m not wasting my time looking at a little brat. Let’s go.

Maya: Wait, she’s smiling. Come look!

Jean-Paul: She has gas and needs to be burped. I don’t even need to look at her to know that.

Maya: You wouldn’t say that if you looked at her face. She has the most angelic expression on her face and the sweetest temperament.

Jean-Paul: Whatever.

Maya: Just come over here and look at her.

Jean-Paul: You’re not going to let me leave without looking at her, are you?

Maya: I think you’ll find her just as lovable and adorable as I do.

Jean-Paul: All right, let’s take a look at this precious darling of an angel with an expressive face.

Maya: See what I mean?

Jean-Paul: She is, well, kind of cute and cuddly.

Maya: When you see her don’t you just want to...

Jean-Paul: Coo chi coo. Coo chi coo.

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