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Daily English 967 - Feeling Embarrassed

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Lois: Please don’t embarrass me at the party tonight.

Roger: Me, embarrass you? I’d never do that.

Lois: You have, though, more than once.

Roger: Name one.

Lois: At the Johnsons’ party, you danced on the table while singing “I Am Woman”!

Roger: I was being the life of the party. Everybody thought it was funny.

Lois: It was humiliating! Didn’t you notice more than one person cringing and the awkward silence in the room when your song ended?

Roger: No, I didn’t, but I did notice Malik laughing his head off and the Johnsons smiling.

Lois: That’s because Malik has your sense of humor and the Johnsons were humoring you. They were trying to put a good face on your impromptu performance.

Roger: I’m not going to be a wallflower just because you can’t take a joke. My exuberant personality is what gets us invited to so many parties.

Lois: Yeah, right. Can I at least get you to promise not to sing?

Roger: And disappoint my audience? Not a chance!

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