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Daily English 975 - Making Food from Scratch

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Ann: I’m so excited to have the entire family coming for a visit. For our first family dinner next Friday, I’m making everything from scratch. I’m pulling out all the stops.

Walt: But have you ever made anything from scratch?

Ann: Sure I have, plenty of times.

Walt: If you say so, but our pantry is full of canned foods and jars, and nearly everything we’ve cooked in the past year has been premixed. Are you sure you’re up to cooking a dinner for 12 from scratch?

Ann: How hard could it be? I just need to make sure that the ingredients I buy are fresh, follow the recipes closely, add plenty of fresh herbs and spices, and multitask.

Walt: You mean do a juggling act. It’ll take a lot of work and organization to pull this off.

Ann: I’m up to the challenge. And I have a backup plan.

Walt: And that is?

Ann: Have you ever heard of the raw food movement?

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