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Daily English 979 - Types of Humor

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Kyle: Are you watching that sitcom again? It’s so stupid. There’s nothing witty or original about the humor.

Paulina: I don’t need highbrow jokes. I enjoy all kinds of comedy.

Kyle: You mean you like screwball and slapstick humor.

Paulina: Yes, so?

Kyle: So? It’s so juvenile.

Paulina: I know that it’s hard for people like you who like satire to appreciate the more wacky kinds of humor, but you might try getting off your high horse once in a while.

Kyle: I’m not snooty. I’m just discriminating. I like comedians with a dry sense of humor like that self-deprecating guy on that show I watch.

Paulina: That show is a snoozefest. That guy bores me to death.

Kyle: And this show does it for you?

Paulina: You bet.

Kyle: There’s no accounting for taste!

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