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Daily English 987 - Taking Prescription Drugs

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Paula: Okay, I’m off to bed.

Marcus: Wait a second. Where are you going with all of those pill bottles?

Paula: My doctor prescribed a couple of medications to help me sleep.

Marcus: Let me see those. You have four different medications here. This is a painkiller, this is a sedative, this is a tranquilizer, and this is a stimulant.

Paula: I don’t take that last one when I go to bed.

Marcus: You mean you take the first three every night?

Paula: Not every night.

Marcus: I can’t believe that your doctor would prescribe all three of these medications just to help you sleep. This seems like overkill.

Paula: I saw more than one doctor. They each gave me a different prescription.

Marcus: How do you know they won’t interact and produce side effects?

Paula: A doctor prescribed each one. I’m sure they’re safe.

Marcus: Yes, but does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? I’m confiscating these until you can talk to a doctor or pharmacist to make sure you won’t overdose by taking all three of these at one time.

Paula: But how will I fall asleep until then?

Marcus: You’re always telling me how boring I am. I’ll just regale you with stories of my youth. Let’s start at the beginning. My earliest memory is...

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