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Daily English 990 - Being Socially Popular

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Rosa: Has the mail come yet?

Grant: We didn’t get any mail today.

Rosa: Damn it!

Grant: What’s the matter?

Rosa: I’m waiting for an invitation from Joanna to her birthday party. I heard that she’s having a big bash and it’s going to be the party of the season.

Grant: You’re worked up over a party?

Rosa: It’s not just any party. It’s the social event of the year. Anyone who’s anybody will be there. If I don’t get an invitation, it means I’ve been snubbed. I’d never be able to live it down.

Grant: Who is Joanna anyway? She’s just another rich girl, right?

Rosa: No, she’s not. She’s the most popular girl at school and the leader of the in-crowd. If she so much as talks to you, you’re in. But if she gives you the cold shoulder, you’re out. You’re nobody.

Grant: That’s ridiculous. She only has the power to do that because you all worship her. One of these days, I hope somebody takes her down a peg.

Rosa: But nobody would dare to go against Joanna. It would be the end of their social life.

Grant: So what?

Rosa: So what?! I should know better than to talk about it with a clueless guy!

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