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Daily English 991 - Describing Distances

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Sandra: Where will we be staying when we visit Trumanville?

Roger: We’ll be staying in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the town, but a stone’s throw from some of the major sites we’ll want to see.

Sandra: I hope there’ll be a lot of taxis around. You know I hate to walk.

Roger: Trumanville is a very walkable city and we’ll be within walking distance to everything. We’ll be able to go nearly everywhere on foot.

Sandra: I told you. I hate to walk. At least we’ll be within close proximity to the beach.

Roger: Actually, the areas near the beach are too expensive, and we can’t afford it. And plus, the beach is in a remote part of town, and staying there would mean being in the boonies for our entire trip.

Sandra: But we could take taxis.

Roger: Taking taxis everywhere would be really expensive.

Sandra: Tell me that we’ll at least be in the vicinity of good shopping areas.

Roger: It might be a bit of a hike to the shops, but it won’t be too onerous to walk.

Sandra: Read my lips. I don’t want to walk everywhere. Maybe we can rent a car or hire a driver.

Roger: Are you out of your mind?! This is supposed to be a budget vacation, not a luxury trip. I’m not made of money, you know.

Sandra: And I didn’t know you were such a cheapskate!

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