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Daily English 993 - Doing Spring Cleaning

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Malcolm: Do we really need to start doing spring cleaning today?

Lorna: We really should. The drapes need to be washed, the walls need to be wiped down, and the attic needs cleaning out. And we really should clean the upholstery on the sofa and dining chairs.

Malcolm: That’s a lot of work for two people.

Lorna: And I haven’t even mentioned what needs to be done in the kitchen. We need to defrost the freezer, clean the oven, clean out the cabinets, and scrub the floors.

Malcolm: I’m not sure I have the energy for all that.

Lorna: We also need to wash the windows, window screens, and windowsills, steam clean the carpets, and sweep out the garage.

Malcolm: If we hope to do all of that this weekend, then I think we need reinforcements.

Lorna: What do you have in mind?

Malcolm: I’m not the high school football coach for nothing.

Lorna: You mean...?

Malcolm: I think the guys need an extra hard workout this weekend.

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