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Daily English 1004 - Being Modest and Boastful

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Hans: Well, I think the choice is clear. I think we should hire Clark.

Freddie: To me, the choice is clear, too, but I think that choice is Paul. Both Paul and Clark are qualified for the job, but Clark is a blowhard. He was too full of himself.

Hans: Clark may come off as a little overconfident, but he makes a good impression. He would make a much better rep than Paul. Paul was just too low-key and timid.

Freddie: Paul wasn’t timid at all. He was modest and self-deprecating, but he also had a quiet confidence. He wasn’t trying too hard to impress, like Clark was.

Hans: Clark is the kind of person who stands out in a room and gets noticed. That’s what we want in a rep trying to get new clients.

Freddie: I found Clark to be overbearing. Paul, on the other hand, had a way with him. He exuded confidence without having to resort to blowing his own horn.

Hans: I see we’re at loggerheads about this. What do you suggest?

Freddie: Let’s ask them both to lunch and ask Monique to join us. She’s done a lot of hiring and has good judgment.

Hans: You mean you want Monique to make the call so neither of us will be blamed for picking the wrong person.

Freddie: I always thought you were quick on the uptake.

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