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Daily English 1020 - Making Verbal Mistakes

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Omar: Ha ha.

Faith: What’s so funny?

Omar: I’m editing Paul’s speech so that it can be posted on our website, but I didn’t realize how many verbal mistakes he made.

Faith: Were there a lot?

Omar: Yeah, he mispronounced the last name of the manager in charge of new products, for one. He also stumbled over the name of the new products.

Faith: I did notice that he had a few problems with delivery.

Omar: That’s putting it lightly. He stuttered when trying to list the products’ features. It’s true that some of the verbiage was written like tongue twisters, but I thought he would have had it down cold by now.

Faith: I noticed he made a few slips of the tongue, but I didn’t notice all that. I guess I wasn’t listening too closely. But what were you laughing about when I walked in?

Omar: Paul made a Freudian slip. Instead of saying that “innovation is our bread and butter,” he said that it was our “bed and butter.” Maybe that’s why he had so many flubs. His mind was elsewhere.

Faith: I think you’ll have plenty of material for a blooper reel.

Omar: That’s true. In fact, if this were a film, I’d have more outtakes than usable footage!

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