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Daily English 1024 - Dealing with Crises

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Teresa: Hey, where are you going? We have a meeting in 10 minutes.

Adrian: I’m sorry. I’m going to have to postpone. I’m in the middle of putting out fires and I’ve had to clear my schedule to deal with the latest crisis.

Teresa: Can I help?

Adrian: I wish you could. With the new layoffs, I feel like I’m being pulled in several directions at once. As soon as I feel like I’m making headway with one problem, I get another thrown at me.

Teresa: I know exactly what you mean. I always feel like it’s crunch time around here because we’re so shorthanded.

Adrian: I’m so tired of everything being urgent all the time and needing attention ASAP. I long for the days when projects had timelines and people followed them. I’ve got to go.

Teresa: Hey, when are we going to have that meeting?

Adrian: As soon as things quiet down.

Teresa: When will that be?

Adrian: I’ll let you know as soon as the latest disaster has been averted.

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