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Daily English 103 - Making a Sales Call

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Last week, I was at a business luncheon and I met a woman named Dana Okri who was heading a new start up. I have been a sales rep for Eureka Corp. for three years now and our bread and butter is data management software. I told her briefly about our products over lunch and she had given me her card.

I decided to follow up with a call. I dialed her direct line and fortunately, I got a hold of her on the first try.

Dana: Hello, Dana Okri.

Kevin: Hello, Dana, this is Kevin Abrahams from Eureka Corp. I don't know if you'll remember me but we met last week at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Dana: Oh, yes. Hi, how are you?

Kevin: Great. Do you have a few minutes right now for me to tell you a little bit more about the data management tools our company has to offer? It won't take long.

Dana: Actually, I'm really swamped right now and I'll be going into a meeting in a few minutes. Is there any literature you can send me?

Kevin: Oh, sure, I understand. I'd be happy to send you a promotional packet about the programs that I think might best suit a company your size. Would it be okay if I called again to see if you have any questions?

Dana: Let's do this. Since I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to read the material, why don't I give you a call if I have any questions. Now, I'm really sorry, but I have to get going to this meeting.

Kevin: No problem at all. I won't keep you any longer. I'll put a package to you in the mail and we'll go from there.

Dana: Sounds good.

Kevin: Thanks for your time.

Dana: No problem. Bye, bye.

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