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Daily English 1040 - Dealing with Bureaucracy

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Jogi: I knew when we got this government contract that it would be a two- edged sword.

Deborah: How so?

Jogi: I’m grateful for the work, but having to jump through hoops of the government’s bureaucracy has me pulling my hair out.

Deborah: What’s wrong now?

Jogi: You know that all of our documents have to be submitted in triplicate. I anticipated that and had done everything to the letter, or so I thought.

Deborah: I know. I helped you prepare those documents. What’s the problem?

Jogi: The documents were sent back to us because they say we didn’t follow some of the reporting regulations. But the verbiage in the regulations is so convoluted that I had to interpret them to the best of my ability. I thought I had done everything right.

Deborah: Didn’t they tell you what they thought was done wrong when they returned the documents?

Jogi: All I got was a form letter with no specifics.

Deborah: I suggest calling the office responsible for reviewing the documents and asking someone there.

Jogi: You don’t think I’ve tried? Every time I think I have the right department and leave a voicemail message, either I don’t hear back or I getpalmed off on another office. I can’t get a straight answer to any of my questions. I never expected this much red tape.

Deborah: So I see what you mean about that two-edged sword.

Jogi: I can think of one good use for that sword right now – to put me out of my misery!

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