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Daily English 108 - Asking Someone Out

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I walked into the coffee room and saw that Brad was writing something on a piece of paper. When he saw me come in, he slipped the note out of sight.

Trisha: Hey, what's up?

Brad: Oh, nothing.

Trisha: What were you writing?

Brad: (Laugh) All right. You caught me in the act. I finally worked up the nerve to ask Diana out. I was just writing a note to put on her desk.

Trisha: You mean you're going to ask her out in a note? You big chicken!

Brad: I admit it. I'm a wuss. I just can't do it in person.

Trisha: But, you work with her everyday.

Brad: That's different. When I'm working, I'm in a different frame of mind. But, when I even think about asking her out, I get tongue-tied. At least in a note, I can get the words out without turning beet red.

Trisha: You've dated a lot. What's so different about Diana?

Brad: Well, for one thing, she's gorgeous. She's so upbeat and sweet. Who doesn't like her? Oh, I don't know. All I do know is that I think we have great chemistry together. But, what if I'm wrong. Maybe she's just been nice to me out of courtesy and doesn't think of me that way. Oh forget it. This was a bad idea.

Trisha: Well, I guess you don't want this note, then.

Brad: What note?

Trisha: I was looking for you to deliver this note from Diana. She wants to know if you want to go to the office party with her tomorrow night.

Brad: You're kidding! I can't believe you've been standing this entire time and didn't say anything.

Trisha: Sorry. What can I say? Now, do you want the note or what?

Brad: Yeah, I want the note.

Trisha: Have a great time tomorrow night.

Brad: Thanks. I plan on it.

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