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Daily English 1155 - Getting an Online Degree

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Carlos: So where are you planning on attending college?

Torrie: I’ve picked Harford University.

Carlos: The only Harford University I’ve heard of is a degree mill.

Torrie: I’m sure it’s not the same one. The Harford University I’m attending is accredited, at least I’m pretty sure it is. The best part of going to Harford is I’ll never have to attend classes on campus. I can do all of my coursework online.

Carlos: You want to attend an online university? There are some legitimate ones that offer good distance education, but many have low admissions standardsand don’t provide a very good education.

Torrie: Not Harford. It’s a good degree- granting institution and they even give you credit for relevant life experience. I won’t need to take very many courses to graduate.

Carlos: That sounds pretty fishy to me.

Torrie: Don’t worry. My transcript and degree will be indistinguishable from those from a traditional university, without nearly as much work.

Carlos: That should tell you something. How is their job placement rate?

Torrie: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be as competitive as any other college graduate.

Carlos: If you say so. What are you doing right now?

Torrie: I’m playing a video game stealing cars. At Harford, that’s considered relevant life experience. Cool, huh?

Carlos: Yeah, cool.

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