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Daily English 1164 - Making Office Renovations

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Alice: I can’t hear you over that hammering. When are these renovations going to be done?

Dilbert: They’re already two weeks past the scheduled completion date and I can only guess at the cost overruns.

Alice: It feels like they’re never going to finish.

Dilbert: I know. When the renovations were announced, I was glad to hear that the office would be reconfigured for better use.

Alice: Me, too.

Dilbert: The upgrades sounded good – new lighting fixtures, flooring, and sound-deadening walls and ceilings.

Alice: I was looking forward to an updated look with new built-ins. This old furniture shows lots of wear and tear.

Dilbert: Yeah, now all I want is to be rid of all this dust. Who can work with this racket?

Alice: Heh? What did you say? Did you say you can’t hack it? Me, neither!

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