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Daily English 1171 - Cancelling a Service

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Diana: You’ve reached customer service for Bully Services. How may I help you today?

Phillip: I’d like to cancel my service.

Diana: Why do you want to cancel?

Phillip: I’m switching to another company with cheaper services. I’m no longer under contract so there should be no early- termination penalties.

Diana: Let’s take a look at your account. I’m sure we can make you an offer so you won’t want to discontinue service.

Phillip: I’ve made up my mind. I just want to cancel.

Diana: As a customer service rep, it’s my job to find a way to retain you as a valued customer. Please bear with me, sir.

Phillip: Really, I’m not interested in any offers you can make. No high- pressure tactics are going to work with me, so please just cancel my service.

Diana: Please, sir, be reasonable. I’m trying to work with you so you won’t miss out on our great deals. If you sign a new two-year contract or set up auto-pay, I can offer you…

Phillip: I’m not interested. I want to cancel – now!

Diana: Just let me tell you about these three plans that are available to you at a lower price. I know that deep down you don’t really want to cancel your service.

Phillip: I do want to cancel my service and I want to do it right now!

Diana: Sir, please! You’re being a little pushy.

Phillip: I’m being a little pushy?!

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