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Daily English 1172 - Booking Space for Business Events

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Roberto: All right, we have to find meeting rooms and a banquet hall for the annual sales meeting and luncheon. Do you have any ideas?

Nicole: We could hold it at a hotel as we’ve done in past years or we can try the convention center.

Roberto: The company has grown so much in the past year. I don’t think the hotel has the capacity we need. The convention center sounds like a better option.

Nicole: The advantage of the hotel is that it has in- house catering and waitstaff for the luncheon.

Roberto: Yes, but we can bring in outside catering, which would give us more food options. The large convention center rooms will also allow us to configure the space the way we want it.

Nicole: But the hotel meeting rooms have built-in A/V. I’m not sure that’s available at the convention center.

Roberto: All right, I think we should visit both venues and book after we’ve met with the event managers. Agreed?

Nicole: Agreed. And we’ll need to sample the catering options, right?

Roberto: Of course. What are expense accounts for?

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