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Daily English 1174 - Describing Video Quality

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:25
Explanation begins at: 3:24
Normal Speed begins at: 14:01

Amelia: I wish we had hired a professional videographer to film it instead of asking your friend Lenny to do it.

Victor: This video isn’t so bad. The production quality isn’t the best, but he did a pretty good job.

Amelia: It’s not bad if you like your video out-of- focus. There are no transitions between scenes and the lighting is terrible. At best, it looks like a rough cut.

Victor: It is a little rough, I admit.

Amelia: There are problems with the audio, too. There are sections of dead air when the audio cuts out. And when there is audio, the volume isn’t uniform.

Victor: That’s true, too, I guess…

Amelia: And the handheld camera footage is so shaky that I feel ill watching it.

Victor: Lenny was just having a good time, getting into the spirit of it.

Amelia: Is that why he got close-up shots of all of the pretty women and none of the other guests?

Victor: Well, you know Lenny. He’ll do better next time.

Amelia: Next time?! How many times do you plan to get married?

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