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Daily English 1192 - Using a Property Management Company

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Sonia: Hello, Fickle Property Management Company.

Frank: Hello, I own an office building on Broadway Boulevard and I’m interested in hiring a property management company.

Sonia: You’ve called the right place. We help you advertise your vacant units, show empty properties, and screen prospective tenants.

Frank: The building is partially occupied right now and I want to be sure that any new tenants are financially sound.

Sonia: That’s why we require a rental application with financial details and check their credit history. We are very thorough.

Frank: Will you also draw up the rental agreement?

Sonia: Yes, we handle all of the rental details, including the deposit and delivery of keys.

Frank: What if tenants have problems?

Sonia: We are on call 24/7 and will send out someone from our maintenance department to deal with any problems.

Frank: This sounds like what I’m looking for. What is your fee structure?

Sonia: Oh, our services are very reasonable.

Frank: When can you start?

Sonia: As soon as you sign an agreement with us.

Frank: Great. Can you email the agreement to me right now? The building has some stopped-up toilets that need attention ASAP!

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