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Daily English 1201 - Types of Non-alcoholic Drinks

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Asa: What can I get you to drink?

Elizabeth: I’ll have a glass of water, thanks.

Asa: Are you sure you don’t want something else? I have soft drinks, orange juice, lemonade, and fruit punch.

Elizabeth: No, thanks. I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake.

Asa: In that case, how about an energy drink, sports drink, or bottled tea?

Elizabeth: No, really, I’m fine with water.

Asa: Ah, I bet you’d like some tea or coffee, right?

Elizabeth: No, all I want is a glass of water.

Asa: Okay, do you want tap water or bottled water, flavored water or carbonated?

Elizabeth: Do you mean to tell me you have all of those drinks in your refrigerator?

Asa: It pays to own a beverage company.

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