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Daily English 1217 - Fighting the Effects and Signs of Aging

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Xavier: What crazy new creams are you trying this week?

Aaliyah: I’ll have you know I only use anti- aging products that are scientifically proven.

Xavier: Yeah, like that cream that promised to restore your youthful appearance in just two weeks. When are you going to realize beauty products are sold using false claims and promises?

Aaliyah: What about you? You jump on the bandwagon of every health fad. Aren’t you eating a bunch of so-called superfoods?

Xavier: That’s based on science. The goal is longevity.

Aaliyah: And this expensive new computer program?

Xavier: It’s to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s. I’m keeping my mind active.

Aaliyah: So we’re both trying to fight the effects of aging.

Xavier: I guess that’s true, but I’m going to outlive you.

Aaliyah: Yes, but before I kick the bucket, I’m going to look marvelous!

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Deangelo: Talk about delusions of grandeur!

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